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Elizabeth Lyle Photography



Introducing the wild woman. She is a bold, curious and playful spirit. She does not quiet her footsteps for she loves to feel the impact of her feet on the Earth.

She is intuition and trusts herself wholly, a gut feeling is deep knowing to her. She has travelled the journey to becoming who she is and does not apologize or feel guilt for showing up for the woman she is.

Though we may have lost her name, wild woman is in all of us and we feel her call deep in our bones. She is the parts of ourselves where we feel most free. She has been sorely mismanaged by society and we have been told "wild" means dangerous or menacing and we have silenced her or made her small to suit others.  


A Wild Woman Session is intended to reconnect you to wild woman. It is not a traditional photo shoot but an experience that requires having done and continuing that rich, deep inner work. 

The experience is comprised of three parts. The first is an interview to ensure we connect. The experience will be a vulnerable one in which you shed the armor we sometimes are required to wear as women. This means creating a space in which you feel safe so a connection is a requirement. As your "wild mentor", my role is to hear you without judgement and create this space.

Once we have created that connection and feel safe to move forward together, I will provide you with a package of resources, including meditations, journal prompts, healing music for the wild soul, and other tools for connecting to wild woman.

Having completed this soul talk and searching, we will meet either online or in person to discuss your discoveries. This discussion gives me insight into the beautiful, deep, complex woman you are and where you are in your journey.

The hour long photo session will begin with a meditation to connect with the nature around us. From then on I am simply there to document you in your safe space, connected with nature and wild woman. Of course, guidance would still be available if desired.



The Wild Woman session is designed for anyone who identifies as female or non-binary. 

Wild Woman calls to you, regardless of age and culture. If you feel that yearning in you to connect with the most free parts of yourself, this session is for you. 

This experience requires you to be vulnerable and having done some of your inner work already. For some that is not an easy or comfortable place to be and though I would love to be your guide, I respect that it may not be a fit for everyone.

If you have any questions or this feels like something you would love to do but are nervous, do not hesitate to reach out. We can work together to find what is comfortable for you. 

To clarify, "wild woman" may require you to discuss sexuality, but this is not a boudoir shoot. If you choose to wear less clothing because that connects you to wild woman that is your choice, but not necessary. 


A Wild Woman Session is an investment of $295. It includes the following:

  • A 30 minute interview. You will not be charged until after this interview where we establish if we connect. If we are not a fit you will not be charged.

  • A resource package that includes journal and meditation prompts, recommended music for your beautiful wild soul, recommended readings, inspirational quotes and fun gifts for a full sensory experience, think taste, smell and touch!

  • A 30-60 minute discussion of your findings. With these we can curate your session to truly connect with you. In this time I will prepare you for your photo session.

  • A 60 minute photo session in nature, in a stunning location that resonates with you. Not all of that time will be shooting, we start with a grounding experience to connect with wild woman.

  • You will receive 50+ downloadable, high resolution, professionally edited photos of your session. 

  • During the entire experience I will be available to you for discussion and assistance with each step of your journey. 

  • After the session we will reconnect to discuss your thoughts and feelings, what came up for you during the session etc.



If everything discussed calls for you to lean into Wild Woman, let's find her and set her free together. Complete the below form and I will reach out to coordinate our first step, which is our introductory chat to see if we are a fit. I cannot wait for us to explore together.

Thanks for submitting!

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